Who we are

Swedcham Young Professionals started in 2012 when Swedish exchange student Douglas von Euler contacted Swedcham, to meet and network with other Swedes in Brazil. He met with Jonas Lindström, Managing Director of Swedcham, and Rebecca Bergmark, at that time also a Swedish exchange student and intern at the Swedish chamber in São Paulo.

What started as a brief and spontaneous meeting suddenly grew into a project to create a platform where young people in Brazil could meet, network and socialize. This was the start of Young Professionals.

Since then many social and professional events were organized, and the Swedcham Young Professionals’ network is continously growing.

Our team

The Swedcham Young Professionals Committee works together with motivated young talents. If you would like to support us as a volunteer in one of our events or have fresh ideas to create something new, we would like to hear from you!

jonas klein


Jonas Lindström

Managing Director





Young Professionals
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douglas klein“Developing YP was my first real professional experience, which played a curial role in my application process to J.P. Morgan’s graduate program. I’m very grateful for the experience and I’m truly looking forward to come back one day.”

Asset Management Analyst at J.P. Morgan Private Bank  

rebecca klein “I had a great time at Swedcham. The network I got in Brazil thanks to Swedcham and Young Professionals, has helped with valuable business contacts whenever I work with news from Latin America.”

Reporter & News Presenter at the Swedish Public Television