What we do

Swedcham Young Professionals wants to create a link between young upcoming students and professionals, who have just entered (or are about to enter) the Brazilian workforce, and Swedish companies located in Brazil.

We aim to improve the relationship between the major Swedish universities and the Swedish companies in Brazil. Furthermore, YP also serves as a social and professional networking platform for young professionals already working at Swedish companies in Brazil.

Moreover, we also provide basic information about arriving in Brazil in order to help newly arrived to easily integrate in society, and simultaneously help them to interact with the large Swedish community in Brazil. Brazilians interested in moving to Sweden can find some useful information on this website. In addition, we would like to encourage everyone interested to discover Sweden in Brazil and join our events for getting a sneak peak of Swedishness.

We offer:

Networking Company Visits
Networking Company Visits
Sweden-Brazil Career Fair Swedish Language Classes
Career Fair Swedish language classes
Workshops & Speeches Alumni Connection
Workshops & Speeches Alumni Connection

We frequently offer social events so give networking opportunities to like-minded people. In addition, company visits and workshops give our members interesting insights into world famous businesses and management strategies.

Since 2013, we are hosting an annual Sweden-Brazil Career Fair, where Swedish companies operating in Brazil can get in touch with young talents. In addition, representatives of Sweden´s most prestigous universities are present and inform about study programmes and the Swedish higher education scheme.

Once you decided, you want to understand the Swedish culture on a deeper level, our in-house language teacher David Ringbäck can help you with the acquisition of the Swedish language and provide you with first-hand cultural insights at the same time.

Students and professionals who lived some time in either Sweden or Brazil have often the desire to stay connected with their host country, once they come back to their country of origin. In partnership with the Swedish Embassy in Brasília the SwedenBrazil Alumni Connection offers a platform on Linkedin, where those people can exchange experiences, share news or even job offers.

Still curious what our events look like? Have a look and check out our event gallery.

What people say about us
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isabell klein

“I got two internships through contacts from YP, one at Volvo Cars and one at iZettle. I always recommend YP to my friends, because they value young people and it’s a place where you really get inspired!”

Marketing Student at FAAP, Intern at iZettle 

juliana klein“After two months of private Swedish classes, I made a trip to Sweden and was able to have small conversations with locals. That way I had the chance to visit Sweden with other eyes than a regular tourist. Swedcham is the best place to learn, make friends, expand the business network and get to experience Scandinavia.”

Trading at Deltec Investment Group, Bahamas 

camillap“Young people are the future and Swedish companies really take that into account. I recommend YP to my friends , because thanks to the support I have received from Swedcham I am now an intern at SAAB in my home country Brazil. My network extends every week and I am really thankful to Swedcham and YP.”

Student at Stockholm University, Intern at SAAB