Getting around in São Paulo can be quiet tricky, especially during certain hours of the day. Rush hours are between 7 am – 9am and 5 pm – 8 pm. To find the right bus ask a local or visit: Google Maps is also a good source of information.

São Paulo has a very good metro system but can also be very hectic during rush hour. The metro stops working at midnight during weekdays and at 01:00 Saturdays and Sundays.

To use the public transportation a Bilhete Único or Bilhete Estudante (that can only be obtained after you have recieved your RNE-number) is needed. If you want to save money as a student, apply as soon as possible for your Bilhete Estudante, since it may take some time to recieve your card. You don´t pay a fixed price instead you charge your card with money. Every trip costs 3 reais with Bilhete Único and 1,50 reais with Bilhete Estudante. The trip is valid for three hours.

Taxi is relatively cheap and it´s a safe way of transportation. Taking a taxi at night is highly recommended.