RNE (National Register of Foreigners)

The Federal police require all foreigners who have a permanent residence permit or a temporary visa to register at the Federal Police. You have only 30 days from the date of your arrival to register. The deadline will not be extended because of delay. Before visiting the Federal Police office follow the instructions below:

First: Fill in a form at www.dpf.gov.br

  1. Estangeiro
  2. Requerer Registro
  3. Renovacao e Anistia

Please print the final forms (two documents) and bring them to the federal police. You also need to bring the following documents:

  • The original form “ Pedido de Visto”, issued by the Brazilian consulate or embassy in your home country.
  • Original Passport with the entrance stamp
  • “Cartao de Entrada” (entry card) – given to you on the airplane coming to Brazil.
  • Photocopies of your national passport. The photocopy needs to authentic and authorized by a Brazilian public notary.
  • 2 passport photos (full-face color photos facing the camera directly with your eyes looking straight to the camera).
  • Pay two fees GRU-FUNAPOL. This can be done at any bank office. Bring the receipt to the Federal Police

How to pay for GRU-FUNAPOL:
Access the Federal Police website at www.dpf.gov.br and click on servicos – GRU – GRU-FUNAPOL para pessoas e entidas estrangeiras

  •  A form will appear. You have to fill it in twice, one for each fee.
  • Please fill out the form and provide all personal information they ask for. In the field “Unidade Arrecadadora”, select “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDENCIA REGINAL NO ESTADO DE SAO PAULO”
  • In the field “Codigo da Receita”, select 140082 – Registro de Estrageiro, Click on “Gerar Guia” and print it.
  • Afterwards go back and fill out the form a second time with your personal information.
  • In the field “Unidade Arrecadadora”, select “SP (027-2) SUPERINTENDENCIA REGIONAL NO ESTADO DE SAO PAULO”
  • In the field “Codigo da Receita”, select 140120 – Carteira de Estrangeiro de 1a via
  •  Click on “Gerar Guia” and print it.
  •  Go to the bank and pay for both forms.


Federal Police Address:

Superintendecia da Polica Federal

Av: Hugo DÁntola, 95

Lapa de Baixo – Ponte do Piqueri

Phone: (11) 36165000


About RNE card

When you register at the Federal police, your also apply for the RNE card (National Register of Foreigners). This will be your ID card in Brazil. You have to keep it, even when it expires. In case you decide to come back to Brazil (not as a tourist), you have to make register at the Federal Police again and present your expired RNE card.

The RNE card can take up to 6 month to get issued. Until then the federal police will give you a “PROTOCOLO”, which is a paper with your photo on it. It functions as a proof that you have registered at the Federal Police and it works as an ID until you receive your RNE card. If you lose the PROTOCOLO there will be extra fees. You need an RNE card to open a bank account.