1. Background

The Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in Brazil, “Swedcham Brasil”, and its corporate members desire the engagement of more young people within the organization. Several Swedish companies in Brazil have shown interest in getting into contact with more young and upcoming students and professionals with an interest in Swedish companies in Brazil. Numerous members have also stressed the need for a platform where young professionals can meet other like-minded people in an informal environment.

2. Purpose

  • Swedcham Young Professionals wants to create a link between young upcoming students and professionals, who have just entered (or are about to enter) the Brazilian workforce, and Swedish companies located in Brazil, and hence establish possibilities for young professionals to enhance their professional career.
  • Swedcham Young Professionals aims to improve the relationship between the major Swedish universities and the Swedish companies in Brazil. Furthermore, it will also serve as a social and professional networking platform for young professionals already working at Swedish companies in Brazil.
  • Swedcham Young Professionals will provide the basic information about arriving in Brazil in order to help newly arrived Swedes to easily integrate in society, and simultaneously help them to interact with the large Swedish community in Brazil.

3. The Project 

In order to carry out the purpose of the project and overcome existing challenges, the project has been structured into three major components:

  • Social Events: The social events will serve as a platform to create stronger connections between young professionals in the same situation. It will mostly focus on creating a leisure environment in which like-minded people can meet and socialize. We believe that this could be very helpful for many young newly arrived professionals in order to help them establish a social life in Brazil. The events could potentially be: after-works, dinners, sports activities, etc.
  • Professional Events / Workshops: The professional events would allow a more formal interaction between the companies and young professionals. The structure of these meetings would most likely start with a more organized and formal presentation/workshop/job fair/group work followed by a mingling session. This would allow for both formal knowledge sharing and more laid-back interaction between people and the firms (HR personnel /managers).
  • Website: The website would function as the primary source of information stream. First, it would include some brief company presentations of all Swedcham’s partners as well as contact information to responsible HR personnel. Secondly, there would be photos and summaries from all previous events as well as a calendar with upcoming events. Thirdly, the website would include a platform/news feed about thesis, internship and work possibilities. 

4. Organization

In order to establish a long-term existence for Swedcham Young Professionals, a well-planned and stable organization is crucial. The ultimate responsibility will remain within the highest organ in the original Swedish-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce: The Board of Directors. Within the board there will be one responsible member who together with the executive secretary will be in charge of the project’s operation. Student interns and full-time administrative regular staff will be in charge of the day-to-day work of Swedcham Young Professionals.