The main objective of Young Professionals is to gather and connect its members and friends. This is accomplished through a wide variety of social and professional events.

  • Social Events: The social events will serve as a platform to create stronger connections between young professionals in the same situation. It will mostly focus on creating a leisure environment in which like-minded people can meet and socialize. We believe that this could be very helpful for many young newly arrived professionals in order to help them establish a social life in Brazil. The events could potentially be: after-works, dinners, sports activities, etc.
  • Professional Events / Workshops: The professional events would allow a more formal interaction between the companies and young professionals. The structure of these meetings would most likely start with a more organized and formal presentation/workshop/job fair/group work followed by a mingling session. This would allow for both formal knowledge sharing and more laid-back interaction between people and the firms (HR personnel /managers).

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